Cristina Campabadal

Director of Business Development Latin America/Wealth Advisor

Cristina loves the amazing relationships she’s built with clients from many different cities in Latin America, North America, and Spain. Her goal is to make her client’s lives easier by helping them gain control of their international investments. She feels proud that clients trust her to manage their wealth, knowing she’ll leave the final decisions up to them. Proactive and passionate, Cristina believes she can accomplish even more for her clients by working side by side with Octavia’s uniquely effective and diverse team of experts.

Before joining Octavia in 2021, Cristina served as founder and CEO of CCS Finanzas, an international financial services company. Previously, she held relationship management positions at Life Invest Family Offices and WE Family Offices in Miami. She was also director of business development for Latin America at GBS Finance. Prior to that, Cristina worked in private banking at Santander International Miami and at BBVA Bank in Spain.

Cristina holds a degree in economic science from the University of Barcelona, Spain. She’s earned numerous professional certifications in wealth management from institutions including Banco Santander and BBVA Bank. Cristina is an ambassador at both the Vicente Ferrer Foundation and the National Foundation of Cancer Research USA. She writes columns about the financial industry and international investments for Yahoo Finance USA-Latin America-Spain.

On the personal side

Cristina loves family time. And that includes her pets, of course! During her life, she’s had three amazing dogs—a cute cocker spaniel, a beautiful pointer, and a lovely English bulldog. She also enjoys traveling, reading, writing, and going to the theater. Cristina sponsors a beloved child from India named Joguita through her work with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation.