Stephanie Stegmuller

Qualified Plan Specialist

Stephanie Stegmuller is a qualified plan specialist at Octavia Wealth Advisors. She helps clients plan and save for a comfortable retirement. A compassionate and caring person, Stephanie loves interacting with clients. She provides personalized education and designs customized strategies for individual clients. Her guidance includes insurance consulting, investment recommendations, and overall financial planning. Stephanie is very knowledgeable about asset analysis within qualified plans and specializes in helping participants inside of these plans who otherwise would not have access to an advisor.

Before joining the Octavia team in 2020, Stephanie did marketing and investment research for 10 years at Midwest Financial Partners.

On the personal side

Stephanie is married with four children. She loves to travel and garden. Stephanie also finds great fun in volunteering at many organizations including her parish, children’s high school, florist shop, and other local organizations around town.