Trudie Di Bene Kirkland

Client Service Associate

Trudie Di Bene Kirkland is a client service associate at Octavia Wealth Advisors in Los Angeles. She is a passionate believer in building strong relationships that make a lasting difference in the lives of others. Through her collaborative administrative and operational support, she makes sure that both advisors and clients enjoy responsive service and productive outcomes.

Before joining the Octavia team in 2020, Trudie worked as a Los Angeles event planning specialist. Prior to that, she was a segment producer and interviewer for a Fox TV affiliate in Cincinnati.

Trudie holds a Bachelor of Arts in communication and an academic minor in journalism from the University of Cincinnati. She studied Screenwriting in the Writers’ Program at the University of California, Los Angeles and is currently enrolled in an online Financial Markets course through Yale University.

On the personal side

Trudie is married and has one son. Both of her parents were professional entertainers who traveled with Bob Hope and sang in some of London’s most exciting nightclubs. But her time in that glittering world ended when the family did a true 180º turn. They moved halfway around the world to settle in Alaska—on remote and majestic Kodiak Island!