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Are We About to See a Pause in Interest Rate Hikes?

After raising interest rates last year at a clip we haven’t seen since the ‘80s, will Fed officials decide soon that it’s time to take a break? Though many analysts have been predicting a rate-hike pause may be…...more

What Can Women Do to Achieve a More Secure Retirement?

The average woman in the U.S. is likely to live a long life—about six years longer than a man—so preparing for the many years ahead can be critical. Yet, studies show that women often lag behind men when…...more

Here’s What Retirement Savers Need to Know About SECURE Act 2.0

Saving for a more secure retirement just got a little easier, thanks to the recently enacted Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023, better known as SECURE 2.0. The new law, which expands on the original SECURE Act of 2019,…...more

Ready, Set, Goals! Get a Fresh Start on Your Finances in the New Year

The start of a new year is always a great time to check in on your financial plan—to consider new goals and strategies, and to make changes if necessary. This year, due to ongoing inflation and rising interest…...more

Good News: You’ll Be Able to Save Even More for Retirement in 2023

Here’s a little bit of good news to hang onto as we move closer to 2023: The IRS recently announced significant changes to the standard deduction, federal income tax brackets, and dozens of other provisions that could help…...more

Take Advantage of Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness Before Time Runs Out!

If you’re one of the millions of borrowers hoping to pay off—or at least reduce—student loan debt, this may be your best chance yet to make some significant headway. Right now, eligible federal student loan borrowers have an…...more