Facing Chronic Illness

None of us know when illness or injury might strike. But we do know that healthcare costs will be significant and we’ll still need to pay the bills.

Struck by disease, this household provider needs help.

When Michael’s doctor explained that his degenerative illness would progress over time, he panicked. His wife Natalie has just quit working to raise their two children and his family depends on his income and his employer-provided insurance.

Michael is well aware that his diagnosis means he won’t be able to continue working until his anticipated retirement age. The family needs a totally new plan to secure their financial future and cover Michael’s healthcare expenses as they arise.

How Octavia can ease the financial stress of illness.

With Octavia, you have an entire team of experts to help you navigate your new circumstances and devise the best plan forward. Together, we work through the tough decisions you need to make. Here are some of the important ways we can help you manage the financial challenges of an unexpected illness:

  • Design a flexible financial plan to protect your family and prepare for healthcare costs
  • Use our insurance expertise to optimize your life, long-term care, and disability coverage
  • Investigate and plan for all corporate and government benefits available to you
  • Revisit your current risk profile and time horizons to make portfolio adjustments
  • Review your estate planning, health care directives, and other relevant documents

Do you need financial guidance through severe illness?

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