Investment Management

Your customized portfolio works to grow your wealth and advance your plans.

Find the Right Formula

To achieve the goals you’ve identified, you need the right mix of investments. Together, we prioritize your objectives, establish time horizons, and determine your risk tolerance. By creating a shared understanding of your priorities and preferences, we can build a customized portfolio to support your plans while minimizing risk. Your options are explained in plain terms, so the benefits are clear. Your portfolio’s performance is evaluated on goal achievement rather than arbitrary benchmarks, which means you can be less concerned with periodic market volatility.

Octavia’s Approach

Every one of your investments is selected to play a complementary role within your portfolio. Along with supporting your goals, each asset makes a specific contribution to risk, return, liquidity, and taxes. This fully integrated approach to your entire financial picture is what sets Octavia apart. We combine the skills and insights of our investment experts with those of our risk, tax, retirement, and insurance planners as needed. Your portfolio is tailored to support all your needs, which means you can relax and let it do the jobs its been designed to do.

Ongoing Actions

Nothing in life is static. As goals are met or your situation changes, we rebalance your investments to keep the process moving forward. With Octavia as your lifelong partner, you don’t need to worry when markets shift or you face major life transitions. We’re always here for you, prepared to make adjustments that protect your interests. You can count on hearing from us regularly—not with some new product to sell—but to make sure you receive timely and relevant communication that keeps you confident about your financial life.