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Student Debt Cuts Into Retirement Savings for All Age Groups

Student loans now impact every demographic and can make it hard to save for retirement. Luis Strohmeier tells Investopedia, "Even when saving is difficult, it’s better to save any amount at all, even if it’s 1% or 2%."...more

Luis Strohmeier On Investment Strategies Headed Into 2021

As we head into 2021, where are there opportunities in the market? Luis Strohmeier, partner and wealth advisor, joined TD Ameritrade Network to discuss tech, health care, and emerging markets....more

US Stocks Rise Sharply as Election Results Keep Trickling In

Markets continue to move as election results roll in. "The markets still believe Biden will win but what investors didn't want was a sweep," said Luis Strohmeier, a partner with Octavia Wealth Advisors....more

Wall Street wanted clear election winners. Expect volatility until then.

While the election remains uncertain, Luis Strohmeier explains that when it comes to the market it doesn't really matter who is president. “What really matters to the market is earnings."...more

How to Game Plan Your Paused Student Loan Payments

Although millions of student borrowers had their student loans paused as a result of COVID-19, Luis Strohmeier explains to Wall Street Journal that many people may be negatively impacted once payments must be made in January....more

Why It Might Be Time to Meld Your Investing Strategy with Your Disaster Preparedness Plan

Individuals living on the West Coast have been devastated by wildfires and put on edge as a result of earthquakes. Luis Strohmeier provides insight into how residents can financially protect their homes....more

How Will Latin America’s Debt Financing Look After COVID-19?

The coronavirus pandemic is a causing a severe strain on Latin America’s public finances. For investors like Luis Strohmeier, partner and wealth advisor at Octavia Wealth Advisors in Los Angeles, California, he would only consider putting money into Chilean…...more

6 Pros and Cons of Choosing a Fee-Only Financial Advisor

One of the biggest advantages to using a fee-only financial advisor is that the vast majority of these professionals operate as fiduciaries, says Luis Strohmeier, partner and wealth advisor at Octavia Wealth Advisors in Los Angeles. Fiduciaries are…...more

Luis Strohmeier Talks Expectations For Rotation to Value Stocks

Luis Strohmeier talks to TD Ameritrade Network about the markets, the 5 companies driving the S&P and outlook for value stocks amid the election....more

How Much Can You Contribute to a 401(k) for Retirement?

If can't afford to max out your 401(k) right now, but that's your goal, don't give up. Do it gradually over time, says Michael Ingram, CFP, partner and wealth advisor at Octavia Wealth Advisors in San Diego....more