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How Do Governments Tax an Annuity?

One of the advantages of annuities is that they’re allowed to grow while putting off taxes until later. But that doesn’t mean policy holders can ignore Uncle Sam forever. Luis Strohmeier explains how the government taxes an annuity....more

Expanding the IRS Is Latest Front in Washington War on Small Businesses

Biden's plan to bolster IRS enforcement may impact small businesses the most. Small businesses would face an army of auditors if the agency is expanded as proposed, according to Luis Strohmeier, a certified financial planner in Miami....more

‘There’s a Miscommunication as Far as the Inflation Fears’: Wealth Advisor

Luis Strohmeier joined Yahoo Finance to discuss the miscommunication about inflation, the Delta variant's potential impact on the economy, and geopolitical tensions....more

Exposing the Downside of Auto-Enrollment for 401(k)s

Under the Secure 2.0 Act, all new retirement plans will mandate auto-enrollment. While this sounds like a great way for participants to save, Don Hughett, partner and wealth advisor at Octavia Wealth Advisors, explains drawbacks that can hurt long-term financial security....more

Amazon Will Rise and Get Through Any Regulatory Pressure: Analyst

We're not surprised about the rotation into high-growth stocks right now. Luis Strohmeier joins Yahoo Finance to chat about earning expectations for high-growth names....more

Mixed Market Outlook & Stock Picks: CAH, CVS, VZ, AMZN, ABNB, CRM

The markets may be feeling a little disconnected right now but Luis Strohmeier, Partner & Wealth Advisor at Octavia Wealth Advisors, believes we'll see new highs in July once earnings season rolls around....more

Should Clients Move Their Foreign Parents to the U.S.?

Do your parents live abroad? Luis Strohmeier explains the financial, social and logistical implications of moving foreign parents to the United States from another country....more

Physician Mortgage Loans: Pros and Cons for Doctors Buying a Home

“New graduates and residents often work for very little money and have a lot of student debt, so they may be at a disadvantage for a typical mortgage,” says Luis Strohmeier, CFP, Los Angeles-based partner and wealth advisor…...more

Bridging The Income Gap For Early Retirees

As more individuals are forced into early retirement, many are looking for different investment vehicles to supplement their income. Luis Strohmeier, partner and wealth advisor, explains why annuities may not be the best option....more

Growing a Healthy Practice

Luis Strohmeier, parter and wealth advisor, explains how he began his advisory career working with medical professionals. He says working with doctors was a fit for him, having developed a rapport with medical professionals after accompanying his ailing mother to…...more