Ashly Maurie Lopez

Client Service Associate

Ashly Lopez is a Client Service Associate at Octavia Wealth Advisors in San Diego. Her role in providing exceptional support to Octavia’s clients is one that that satisfies both her orderliness and her friendliness. A self-described analytical person with a dash of flair, Ashly enjoys ensuring that all transactions are properly executed, and paperwork is correctly completed in a stress-free way. Adaptable and personable, Ashly relishes interacting with different client personalities. She loves being part of a talented team that’s motivated to excel at a high level.

Before joining Octavia in 2022, Ashly worked as a supervisor at New Leaf Solutions in San Diego, CA where she managed a team and navigated through challenging client benefit cases. Her experience has made her a great addition to our team.

Ashly earned her Bachelor of Science degree in criminal justice and her Professional Certificate in Management and Leadership at San Diego State University in San Diego, CA.

On the personal side

A native of San Diego, Ashly is a longtime Padres fan. She goes to games whenever she can but is also happy to watch recordings—and especially happy to re-watch winning games! She’s an active workout fan who’s at the gym or off on a hike nearly every day of the week. In summertime, she’s out kayaking as well!