Daniela Marina Cronin

Client Services Associate

Daniela Cronin is a client services associate in the San Diego office of Octavia Wealth Advisors. She’s happiest when she has the chance to go above and beyond for clients, working to make every transaction as seamless as possible. Her aim is to change potentially stressful interactions into pleasant exchanges that clients are excited to talk about. Daniela is most passionate about two things. The first is working with more experienced colleagues who help her learn and grow from the insights they provide. She also loves talking to clients on a personal level and hearing their many different perspectives on life.

Before joining Octavia in 2023, Daniela spent five years at Shusterman Wealth Management as director of operations. Before that, she served in the U.S. Navy for four years, completing two deployments and spending time in Bahrain, Singapore, Malaysia, and Dubai.

Daniela earned a bachelor’s degree in business management with a minor in marketing from Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

On the personal side

Daniela is happily married with three children. In her current extended family, there are nine kids under the age of four with another one on the way! She loves spending time with all of them exploring different parks and tide pools around San Diego. Daniela also enjoys gardening—but she’s still struggling to cultivate her green thumb.