Lisa Bolden

Office Manager

Lisa Bolden is an office manager at Octavia Wealth Advisors, handling the day-to-day aspects of advisor-client relationships. She makes sure that clients have a clear view of their current situation and a good understanding of any next steps they need to take. Lisa is adept at thinking outside the box to determine the right solution for even the most difficult client situation. Professional and sincere, Lisa prides herself on working until a project is completed to her own high standards. She takes great pleasure in helping clients feel confident that they are positioned in a positive way for their future.

Before joining the Octavia team in 2020, Lisa worked at Midwest Financial Partners for more than 12 years.

Lisa holds an associate’s degree from the University of Cincinnati.

On the personal side

Having been the mother of four boys, Lisa is over the moon about finally getting a baby girl in the family—her granddaughter!