William Dillenburger

Client Service Specialist

Bill Dillenburger is a client service specialist at Octavia Wealth Advisors. He works closely with advisors and clients to ensure smooth processing of life and disability insurance applications. Because of his intricate knowledge of the entire process—including medical rating system guidelines—Bill is known for securing approvals quickly and with few complications. He takes pride in his ability to skillfully coordinate with all participants. Bill will spend whatever time it takes to assist clients in obtaining the documentation they need to help them get the best rating possible.

Before joining Octavia in 2020, Bill worked with Midwest Financial Partners for over 7 years as an operations manager. Bill also spent 10 years as a pension administrator at Creative Retirement Systems.

Bill is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.

On the personal side

Bill is married with three children. They play all varieties of school sports, so of course Bill is a regular spectator. He’s also a lifelong film aficionado and can hold entire conversations with his siblings using only dialogue quotes from movies!